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Conservation Areas Networking Planning (2014-2017)

  • Create an information base (Cree knowledge and western science)
  • Create planning support tools to integrate conservation science knowledge into conservation network planning.
  • Undertake Cree community level consultations to identify priority conservation areas (areas undergoing high development pressures will receive more immediate attention)
  • Assess suitability and local support for existing protected areas that were established without the appropriate level of Cree consultation.
  • Bring all of the priority conservation areas together to design an interconnected, conservation areas network for Eeyou Istchee.
  • Once identified and documented, priority conservation areas should be made temporarily off limits to further development until decisions on their designation status are made through implementation mechanisms.
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Designation/Establishment (2014 - 2020)

  • Establish protected areas through collaborative work with provincial and federal governments.
  • Establish protected areas through collaboration with Eeyou Marine Region Planning Commission (Eeyou Marine Region Agreement).
  • Establish conservation areas through collaboration with regional land use planning commissions.